Eating in Hotels and Restaurants?

Ques: A brother this weekend mentioned a thing, that amazed me. He said something like: “A person who [usually] eats at Hotels and Restaurants does not count as a reliable witness in Hanafi Madhab!” So, what’s the reality behind this statement, if there’s any?

Hadith about four animal parts

Ques: A brother found this version of a famous hadith: take note of the position of the square bracket: “Two types of dead meat and two types of blood have been made lawful for your consumption [without being slaughtered]: fish and locust, liver and spleen“. (Reported by Ahmad and Ibn Majah) So, I’ve the impression

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Hadith Clarification

Ques: Hadith Clarification: Verily the evil glance is a poisonous arrow from the arrows of Iblees. He who abstains from casting evil glances, I will grant him such Imaan, that he will feel the sweetness of it in his heart”. (Narrated by Ibn Mas’ud in Tabarani and Kanzul-Ummaal; Vol. 5, pg. 228), (Ibn Katheer; Surra

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Interpretation of a Hadith

Ques: One of my friends is having trouble understanding the following statement by Aisha (RA) which he found in Ghazali’s Remembrance of Death and Afterlife (page 40): ”I feel no envy for anyone whose death is easy after having seen the rigour of the death of God’s Emissary (PBUH)” If someone could elaborate, that would

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Offering prayer on the Prophet or reciting Qur’an?

Ques: As supererogatory acts, which one is better? Offering prayer on the Prophet or reciting Qur’an? Ans: Assalamu Alaikum. Surely Allah’s words- Al-Qur’an is better to recite than durood. As one gets 10 thawab per letter, at least, in reciting it.. But a muslim should recite durood (prayer on Prophet (SAW)) also, as much as

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Minimum ghusl requirement?

Ques: For minimum ghusl requirement by hanafi is it: wash mouth 3 times wash nose 3 times wash body once or is it wash body thrice for minimum requirements?? also, do you need to gargle water all the way to back of throat where you gag on it and then spit it out?

Swear by Allah?

Ques: If someone swore by the name of Allah that he knows someone who achieved XYZ and during/after the oath he realises that what he said is not true – will he be sinful and required to pay kaffarah? (Note that this case is meant like that it was not the intention to tell a

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Interrupted Prayer

Ques: Assalamu Alaikum, What do you do if someone interrupts your prayer? I was just (attempting) to pray zuhr here at work. I pray in a file room that usually only I go in. Alas, apparently someone else needed files in there today, because they came in during the smack dab middle of my prayer

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Attending marriage (Nikah)?

Ques: Assalaamualaikum. I ‘M from india and v know how india is actually means OUT OF 10,000 PEOPLE v say 10-20 or more people will do nikah as per sunnah. so my question is when we go for nikah, video graphy is there, and many kabira sins are there AND GOING TO NIKAH ceremony and

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Audhubillahi in each rakat – Salat valid?

Ques: 1. Would salat be valid if one says the Isti’adha (Audhubillahi min al-Shaytan al-Rajeem) in each rakat instead of just at the first? 2. Is it okay to give new converts books (in this case an “Ilmihal” in German) even if one knows that there are some fiqhi errors in it? (Like writing that

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