Ques : Spreading legs to Qibla and passing in front of a Musalli

Ques : As salamu alaikum.

Hope you are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I have some questions now-

– We consider it illegal to spread our legs towards Qibla while sitting or lying. Is this Haram or Khelaf-e-Adaab?

– I have observed in mosques that, if someone finishes his prayer while a person is still praying behind him, he usually waits until the other person finishes. Is this necessary? If necessary, how much (fardh, wajib etc)?

Ans : Walaikum Assalam.

1. It is khilaf e adab. As Allah has ordered us to respect the ‘Sha’aer’ of Allah. And Qibla is one of them. But its not haraam.

2. He can stand and go. Passing is to be avoided.