Yousuf Sultan is currently pursuing MSc in Islamic Finance at INCEIF. He is working as a Research Assistant at INCEIF, and as a Proofreader at ISRA Consultancy Bhd.

Prior to coming to INCEIF, he has been Deputy Mufti in Darul Ifta, Jamia Shariyyah Malibag, which is a prominent Darul Uloom in Dhaka. He used to teach Fiqh Muamalat including Majalle and the Shari’ah standards issued by AAOIFI.

He has been a part time teacher in Islamic University of Technology (IUT), a subsidiary of OIC, where he lectured on Islamic Studies; Islamic History, Science & Technology; and Arabic language. He also appeared in various live and occasional TV programs to lecture on various Islamic Issues.

Besides, he has been a regular Khateeb, leading Juma prayers in Baitul Falah Jame Masjid, Dhaka. He is a member of Shariah Supervisory Committee for Perfect Group, a promising Islamic Finance corporation in Dhaka. He has delivered lecture on Islamic Finance in a 7 day workshop arranged by the Central Shari’ah board for Islamic Banks of Bangladesh (CSBIB), to senior officials of various Islamic Banks across the country.

Besides performing regular responsibilities, he has actively engaged himself to help the Ulama (traditional Shrari’ah Scholars) move forward by using technology for their research and da’wah purposes. He has organized several big events in the heart of Dhaka, Mymensingh, Sylhet and other parts of the country, to train the traditional Scholars and equip them with modern resources.

He spent his childhood and early school days in United Arab Emirates, and later pursued CIFE from Ethica, Dubai.

Please check Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/yousufsultan