Audhubillahi in each rakat – Salat valid?

Ques: 1. Would salat be valid if one says the Isti’adha (Audhubillahi min al-Shaytan al-Rajeem) in each rakat instead of just at the first?

2. Is it okay to give new converts books (in this case an “Ilmihal” in German) even if one knows that there are some fiqhi errors in it? (Like writing that one has to say Isti’adha for each rakat)

The Problem is that in fact in Germany every “Ilmihal” has some serious fiqhi errors, and the person whom I need to give some books isn’t able to understand English AFAIK, so I don’t really have a choice.

Ans: Assalamu Alaikum.

1. Yes, the prayer would be valid, insha’Allah.
2. If it has few errors, then give him and mark the errors. And later tell him the correct views on those errors.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by Yousuf
Sunniforum, 27th Apr ’09