Can you work for a company that compares insurance quotes?

Ques : Is it allowed to work for a website that compares insurance quotes from different brokers? The job is an IT-related one. The company makes its money from the brokers to which it links. Although this company describe themselves as the “sister company” of an actual insurance company, they also say that they are impartial and a separate business.

I’m pretty sure that I cannot work in an insurance company but what about when the company is “separate” from the insurance-dealing part and just offers price comparison services? Many scholars say that, although insurance is haram, British people may take out car insurance as it is compulsory. However, this company also compares other types of (non-compulsory) insurance.

Ans : Assalamu Alaikum. There are two things to consider.

1. There is a fiqhi rule. That is, involving in something which helps a haram is haram. (اعانة الحرام حرام) But involving in something which has both sides, halal and haram, will not be haram.
2. Conventional insurance is mostly na-jayiz according to most of the ulama. Except where its compulsary by the state law, like what u have stated about the car insurance in Britain.

Now the fiqhi rule of the question depends on whether the website helps /promotes insurance or not? Without viewing the website I m not sure of it. But as u stated, it appears that it promotes the insurance companies. So, if the insurances r na-jayiz, promoting them should be na-jayiz too. And working in a position, which directly involves in this promoting, should be of same rule.

And Allah knows best.


Answered in Sunniforum