What is Islamic stance on this transaction?

Ques : Selam alaykom. I recently sold a monitor to someone and it was working when I sold it, now the buyer claims it makes a buzzing sound from the housing and demands a refund? This is despite the fact that it displays picture perfectly without issues. Am I obliged to do so as a Muslim?

Ans : Walaikum Assalam.

If the damage did not exist in your hand (before selling / after selling, before handing to him), or existed but u clarified it during the agreement, then u r not obliged to refund it. But if it did exist, then check if this sound decreases its price in market or not. If this sound has nothing to do with decreasing its price, as it displays picture perfectly, then also u r not obliged to refund.But if it decreases the price and the damage has existed earlier in your hand, and u had not clarified it during the agreement, then u r obliged to refund if he wants.

Hope that answers your query. And Allah knows best.

Answered in Sunniforum