Attending Milads permissible or not?

Ques : 1. Assalamu Alaikum. According to the Hanfi fiqh position is attending milad gatherings where they are the following activities taking place:-

-Group recital of salat as salaam (Also, thinking and saying the prophet is here oh welcome prophet)
-Using the dafalee (tambarine when playing nasheeds)
-Also, having dinner

Is this permissable did Sahabah do this in the time of the prophet?

2. Can we say one may get reward if he recite poem of Sheikh Sa’adi Shirazi like bellow?

Balagal ula bikamalihi
Kashafat duja bijamalihi
Hasunat jami’u khisalihi
Sallu alaihi wa alihi

Then what is answer in the light of following Hadith?

Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 55 :: Hadith 654
Narrated ‘Umar:

I heard the Prophet saying, “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allah and His Apostle.”

Ans : 1. The whole picture of milad is bidah. It did not exist in the time of Prophet or Sahabah . And thinking that Prophet :sm: has come or to welcome him may contain shirk. May Allah save us. Aameen.

Brother, calling Milad a bidah doesn’t mean that the reciting of the holy Qur’an or reciting naat/hamd in it will be in garbage. Surely Allah will give their reward insha’Allah. But what we mean is, the whole format of Milad, which is widespread today, is bidah. It never existed in the time of prophet Muhammad or his sahabah .

If we want to recite Qur’an or a hamd/naat, we may recite them under a different banner. Not under the banner of Milad. When u try to make some Jayiz scenario of Milad, people will involve in the na-jayiz scenarios of it. There r lots of bidatis out there, who r fully prepared to pull these people, who at least believe that there r some jayiz formats of milad. Those people will undoubtedly involve in the bidahs and even in shirks, soon.

Rather, isn’t it better to declare this format ‘Bidah’? And gather muslims for reciting Qur’an or singing naat under a different banner? i.e. Dua Mahfil or something else?

Alhamdulillah in our country, we have been trying to do this. And Alhamdulillah in Dhaka, u’ll find a lot of masjids where there is nothing called Milad. If anyone needs doa’s, he asks to arrange a doa mahfil. There the imams recite Qur’an and durud along with others, without any singing tone. Then they make doa and ask Allah to fulfill their needs. Thats why, Alhamdulillah, people are a lot aware of Bidatis, as of today.

2. Brother, whats the relation/contradiction between the hadith and the poem? The poem says the attributes and characteristics of our prophet Muhammad and the hadith forbids saying something which was not available in him. Don’t u see this poem, which was recited by Sahabi Hassan Bin Sabit ra.

وأحسن منك لم تر قط عيني وأجمل منك لم تلد النساءُ
خُلقت مبرأ من كل عيب كأنك قد خُلقت كما تشاءُ
Answered in Sunniforum