Question : Which torika/silsila is haq/right?

Ques : Assalamualikum!

In bangladesh there are many types of torika. I mean silsila of pir. now I want to know about hakkani anjuman of bangladesh. Which came from Kalkata. I have passed takmil. I want to know about them.

Allah Hafij.


Ans : Walaikum Assalam.

As you wrote that you have passed Takmil, you should be able to differ between haq and baatil.  As long as you see someone adhering to Qur’an and Sunnah, respecting Ijma and Qiyaas, respecting all the prophets, sahaabis, Ulama, he should be in right path. I don’t want to add any additional comment in this regard. Please consult your teachers and asaatiza so that they can guide you to the right path. Jazakallah for your question.