Having doubt in salaat, how to overcome it?

Ques : I try to pray my salaat with the utmost concentration and my hardest but every time my mind wanders for usually a rukku or rakaat only once during the namaaz now I am 99.9999% sure i prayed it becuase I would most likely know if I did not but the little tiny doubt drives me nuts and I try re-praying the namaaz but every time there is something I do not fully remember and It honestly frustrates me so much because there holds that tiny little doubt of maybe i did not.

This happens to me in every namaaz no matter how hard I try or how many time I repeat and it is driving me insane. It honestly brings me to tears of how I just cannot fully remember. Please help me Jazakallah

Ans : Don’t give attention to any doubt. Doubts are usually from Shaitan. So, leave all the doubts aside and finish your prayer normally. Don’t repeat any prayer just for the doubts. Ask Allah for help and don’t get frustrated.

Yes if you are sure that you missed any rukn or performed it less than usual, then do what is necessary to do in that case. i.e. Sajda Sahw for wajibs or repeating for fardhs etc. But don’t listen to any doubts.

Answered in Sunniforum