Juma Bayan – Personality of Prophet (sm) : Part 1 | নবী স. এর ব্যক্তিত্ব : পর্ব ১

Description: Muhammad sm is name of such a personality, which was not seen before his born, neither after his death. Eating, talking, walking; social and political behavior; character and morality; in every aspect of humans life, he was one and only. This bayan is all about these. Its a series bayan. This 1st part covers the following:

1. Prophet Muhammad sm ‘s internal specialties.

2. His behavior with his family.

3. What had he used to do in his home.

4. His behavior with his companions.

Date: 5th March, 2010.

Place: Baitul Falah Jame Masjid, Malibag Railgate Super Market, Dhaka.

Download: Personality1 (For some unknown reason, uploading in esnips failed. So, please download it to listen to it.)