Question : Working in a restaurant where animals are not slaughtered according to Islamic way

Ques : Asalamualikum

I have a question regarding working in a restaurant.
I work in a restaurant called McDonald in USA. I work in lunch time. In lunch time all kind of food is beef and chicken. i mean 98% is beef and chicken. those beef a and chicken are slaughtered in USA. so it is not slaughtered in the way that we Muslim do. so my question is if I work there my income will be halal.

Ans : Walaikum Assalam.

Thank you for posting your question. We hope that your income will be halal as you are not directly involved in any haram activities. However, you will be suggested to find a new job that will be out of any type of confusion for a Mumin. Until then, you may continue your current job.

Thank you