Sweat during intimacy is najis?

Ques : Assalamu alaykum! I have heard from a couple of people that when a man and woman are “intimate” or when a man has a wet dream, the sweat that is excreted during that activity is najis and thus so would be the clothes and anything else that the sweat touches.

I was surprised as I had never heard this before. I searched on the internet for any more information on this but couldn’t find anything on it except for on shia websites(!).

Ans : Walaikum Assalam. No, the sweat of a muslim doesn’t become najis in any situation. Imam Bukhari rah mentioned the following hadith in Chapter : باب عرق الجنب وأن المسلم لا ينجس under كتاب الغسل

عن أبي هريرة : أن النبي صلى الله عليه و سلم لقيه في بعض طريق المدينة وهو جنب فانخنست منه فذهب فاغتسل ثم جاء فقال ( أين كنت يا أبا هريرة ) قال كنت جنبا فكرهت أن أجالسك وأنا على غير طهارة فقال ( سبحان الله إن المسلم لا ينجس )

Which clearly indicates that a muslim’s sweat/hand/legs etc doesn’t become najis. Even he’s حكما najis and he needs ghusl for taharah.

And Allah knows best.


Answered in Sunniforum